Sunday, March 10, 2013

About "Real scripting"

Hi everyone; I'm a rich internet applications developer and I will publish in this blog everything I think is useful to avoid you some headache. Useful scripts in php, shell, vbs and JavaScript. I will publish other info too that maybe will help you in your search journey on the web. If you need professional developing you can reach me also on my website

Today I was implementing the Gapi Google analytics php interface and I struggled in a issue in the account settings.

This is the url of the class:

In order to get you data from Google you have to fill your account data (see below):

define('ga_password','your password');
define('ga_profile_id','your profile id');

Right, everything OK till the ga_profile_id; this id seems to me almost impossible to find in your dashboard. I tried the id's of the tracking code that you have to insert in the tracked page, but without success.

After almost an hour of research I was able to find my code. The code is the number that you find in the URL of your Google analytics page after the p character

Here an example:

Use that code as ga_profile_id and you will be able to authenticate and get your data.

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