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ZAMP a windows portable LAMP webserver

Hi folks, recently I was searching for a good "test" easy to use and stable webserver for a windows box. I found and tried some packages with the surprise that NONE was reliable or stable enough. Even the famous XAMPP didn't passed my tests. So I decided to gather the tools together and create a webserver package with a LAMP stack. Even I didn't want to "install" it on de windows box or start services on boot! I came with a package called "ZAMP". Here below some specs: "Zanfi" Apache (2.4.39) MariaDb (10.4) Php (7.3.7) webserver This webserver runs as standalone as default in a directory. Make in the root of the C: a directory named zamp and put the content in it. This is a development environment. Do not use it for production. Double click the zamp.hta file to start Apache webserver and MySql database server. "NO" service is installed. You have to start and stop manually the two servers. Windows firewall will