create a samba share and user

I found a lot of posts intended to explain how to create a samba share and user that would work even connecting from a Windows box. Unfortunately lot of these tuto's simply do not work.

I was able to do the job this way:

#this creates the user in linux
sudo useradd -s /bin/true (username)

#this will prompt you for a password
sudo smbpasswd -L -a (username)

#this enables the user
sudo smbpasswd -L -e (username)

#creates new samba user
sudo smbpasswd -a (username)

#add username to smbusers file
sudo nano /etc/samba/smbusers
(linuxusername) = '(username)'

#restart samba
sudo restart smbd
sudo restart nmbd
#Then create a samba share:

path = /path/to/share
read only = no
writable = yes
guest ok = no
create mask = 0755
directory mask = 0755
valid users = username

#Where the username is the username just above created


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