Is your Linux log in pswd protected? yes! or...not.

I log in in my linux box with a username and password. I get the feeling that my stuff is more secured and not everyone have the access to it. Nothing is less true! It is easy peasy to change the password and let you in. I'm talking about a standard situation with no encryption or extra protection.


Get ready...

1. reboot the system and select the Recovery Mode:

2. Now select “root – Drop to root shell prompt” and press “Ok”

3. If you forgot your username enter this command to see all the users:

type ls /home

you will see the folder of the user (i.g. nooby)

4. Now use the following command to reset your password:

passwd nooby

Now enter your new password and confirm it.

5. Reboot typing:


That’s it, you can now login with your new password.

Do you feel now less safe?  If you are worried about this you should probably set various layer of protection such as Password protected bios and grub and encrypted disk information (at least /home).


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